If moisture problems are not alleviated then mold growth can
become extensive and lead to serious health problems for
some individuals. Approximately 100,000 species of fungi
(molds, yeasts, and mildews) have been identified and some estimates suggest that
the total number of species present in the environment exceed 1.5 million.  While
nearly all fungi can cause allergies in humans, approximately 100 species are
considered to be truly potentially pathogenic (disease causing) in nature.
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For years people have been getting sick and no Doctor could find the reason for
their illness, but finally medical research has discovered that Mold Spores in high
concentration can make people sick! Sick home syndrome, sick building syndrome,
toxic mold, black mold, and a host of other expressions are working into our
language vocabulary. A few years ago very few had any idea what these terms
meant but today we are becoming more aware and more educated to the effects of
Toxic Mold. Exposure to various fungi may result in adverse  effects including
hypersensitivity diseases, infections, respiratory disorders, and other more
serious health problems. However, the
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single most important factor pertaining
to mold, is an individual's immune
system.  Molds naturally grow in outdoor
and indoor environments.  Mold and
other microorganisms can grow
exponentially, given the right conditions
of temperature, moisture, and food
sources, such as carpet, wood, paper,
sheetrock, and leaves.  Fungi (Mold) and
bacteria are found naturally in both the
outdoor and indoor environments.
Molds produce tiny spores to reproduce
and these spores travel through the air
in both the outdoor and indoor
environments. Molds are not a problem
until they deposit on a moist indoor
environment source. Once this occurs
the mold can begin growing and
digesting indoor building materials such
as wood, wallboard, paper, carpets,
ceiling tiles, etc.
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