Perform inspections and assessments to identify mold conditions,
, bacterial and other microbial contaminations or conditions.
Infrared thermal imaging to help identify moisture sources, intrusions or
leaks within your property and assess any
problems that may be within
your property and their potential to cause adverse health effects.

Thoroughly inspect and evaluate conditions within the building to
determine moisture sources, water damage and areas that may contain
microbial growth, and develop solutions to mitigate, remediate and/or
minimize future moisture problems.

Collecting bulk, surface and/or air samples to identify the types of
organisms present and determine if they pose a health hazard to building
occupants. All samples are then analyzed by an experienced laboratory
accredited under the Environmental Microbiological Laboratory
Accreditation Program (EMLAP)

Excellent referrals and consultation for any remediation or mitigation
needed and able to provide post remediation clearance inspections.

Provide letters of recomendations, inspection reports, full work
protocols, scopes and final clearance reports.
If you have signs of visible mold in your house or business, please do not attempt to
remove it yourself. Disturbing the mold spores could cross-contaminate your house or
business making the mold problems much worse!
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